Topic: Personal Injury

3 Insurance Questions to Ask Immediately if You’re Hurt in a Car Accident

Mark Santagata July 27, 2017 Connecticut personal injury attorney

Advice from a Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney In the aftermath of an auto accident where injuries occur, there is often confusion about who is... Read More

The top 5 times it’s critical to hire an attorney

Danielle Edwards June 23, 2017 Legal Advice

By Danielle J. B. Edwards, Esq. Is it time to get a lawyer? If you’re asking yourself this question, arranging an initial consultation with... Read More

5 Important Things to Do If You’re In an Auto Accident

Mark Santagata August 7, 2015

1. Wait at the Scene for the Police Every accident claim has two components, liability (who is at fault) and damages (how much is... Read More

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