Topic: Landlord-Tenant Matters

Governor Issues Order to Help Residential Tenants

Mark Santagata April 17, 2020

EXECUTIVE ORDER DELAYS EVICTIONS & PROVIDES GRACE PERIOD FOR RENTERS On Friday, April 10, 2020 Governor Lamont issued his 24th Executive Order addressing the... Read More

Bridgeport property tax appeal deadline means commercial property owners should act fast

Nicholas Vitti January 21, 2016

  With a new municipal real estate tax assessment mailed out in January 2015, owners of real property in the City of Bridgeport may... Read More

Helpful Checklists for Commercial Leasing

Frank Baker October 30, 2015

Always be thorough when drafting a commercial lease. Even experienced real estate lawyers often are not so specialized that they do only (for example)... Read More

Risks faced by Commercial Property Owners

Ronald Kowalski September 2, 2015

Commercial Property Owners take on risks When They Permit Tenants to Pursue Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals Tenants can pursue valuation appeals Connecticut law... Read More

Landlord Challenges Remain the Same

Nicholas Vitti January 16, 2015

The landlord-tenant environment in Connecticut is a place of contrasts.  The demand for residential rental properties is incredibly strong, while the commercial market remains... Read More

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